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You'll also find Island recipes to delight guests at your next Pa`ina [wondering what that is? If you're reading one of the ebook editions of the mysteries, you might want to check out the glossary of Hawaiian and other non-English terms...  Jeanne  

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The three Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries, including the audio edition  of Prospect for Murder.
The stunning cinnabar red cover of Murders of Conveyance.


May 2019

​Hardcover: 978-1-932926-72-9 

Ebook:         978-1-932926-72-0 

Journalist Natalie Seachrist and her boyfriend private investigator Keoni Hewett are delighted to plunge into a Chinese New Year Aloha Scavenger Hunt. But when she realizes a haunting dream is actually one of her continuing visions of murder, the pair again volunteer to help his former partner, HPD homicide detective John Dias. Soon her expanding visions and the unrelenting assistance of feline companion Miss Una link two murders separated by sixty years to a mystery woman in red... and a false clue hinting at a priceless white jade Kuan Yin statue. 

Michael Radon, US Book Review  

The pace of this story naturally transitions from the scavenger hunt and its locales to the identity of the murderer...and gives the reader a grounded perspective before launching them into the action. Fans of a lighter mystery with rich characters and environments will devour this latest Seachrist story.



2nd PLACE, Published Fiction 


Winner, Cover 6x9 Fiction

Finalist, Cozy Mystery 

Hardcover:  978-1-932926-60-6 ​

Softcover:    978-1-932926-80-4 

Ebook:          978-1-932926-62-0

Natalie, her mischievous cat Miss Una, and boyfriend Keoni Hewitt have moved to a Lanikai cottage. Seaside bliss evaporates when her chilling vision is confirmed by a moonlit garroting. Discovery of a suspect’s body at Diamond Head Beach may solve the case. But a tour of historic Kawai Nui Marsh puts Natalie's new friends in the crosshairs of a wily adversary. Does the murder's resolution lie in the victim’s past, or among her seemingly innocuous companions? 

Kirkus Reviews...a winsomely detailed setting . . . the protagonist is first-rate. The plot offers a couple of impressive twists…A diverting tale led by a smashing amateur detective...Tamara Benson, San Francisco Book Review, 4 Stars... this book is truly a good book for a rainy day and has been a pleasure to read. Susan Miller, Manhatten Book Review, 4.5 Stars. The use of Hawaiian words and explanations was also a very nice touch, making me feel that I was part of the local culture. . . . It's nice to read about characters of all ages...The story had many layers as well as some twists and turns, which kept me glued to the pages...​​N. Jones, Amazon, 5 Stars. This is my first Natalie Seachrist story, but won't be my last. The story was quick paced, yet lingered appropriately on Hawaii life. The author took time to develop each character, and ensure their place in the story was appropriate.   

The award-winning beach by moonlight cover of Murder on Mokulua Drive.

The award-winning beach by moonlight cover of Murder on Mokulua Drive.

The Award-winning dragon fountain  cover of Prospect for Murder.



Winner, Cover 6x9 Fiction

Finalist, Mystery Suspense

Hardcover:  978-1-932926-45-3 ​

Softcover:    978-1-932926-88-0 

Ebook:          978-1-932926-47-7 

E-Audio:       978-1-932926-48-4

Writer Natalie Seachrist has always had visions. But envisioning her grandniece’s body draped over a vintage car shatters her world. Aided by PI Keoni Hewitt and her cat Miss Una, Natalie moves to the Honolulu foothills apartment where Ariel died.  There she discovers the owners’ Shànghăi origins…and discord.  Will Natalie learn the truth about the death before the case is closed? Or has she put herself in the way of a murderer who's willing to kill again to hide their secret?

Midwest Book Review. A deftly crafted and impressively engaging read..."Prospect for Murder" clearly demonstrates novelist Jeanne Burrows-Johnson as a master of the mystery/suspense genre. DJ Sakata, Good Reads, 4.5 Stars. Being a resident of Hawaii, I could not pass up a murder mystery based in Honolulu. It was thrilling while at the same time oddly relaxing to read a story with so many local references to places, food, culture, and traits....The writing was insightful, observant, emotive, and intelligent...Cherie Jung, Over My Dead Body. The reader’s attention will be captured the on page one of the prologue with the author's descriptive writing style. The pacing of the narrative was perfect. The characters were well-developed, the storyline plausible…​​ AudioBook Reviewer, Audible. [She] did an excellent job of reading the book. The enunciation and clearness of her speech as well as the passion was not over the top or fake…Her voice was soothing and calming.  


Yen for Murder is nearly complete! At this time I'm hurrying to finish the last two chapters before 

my wonderful editor, Viki Gillespies takes a long deserved vacation to the British Isles. 


What can you expect in Natalie's next adventure in visions and crimes murderous?

Well, a tragic murder occurred in a Buddhist temple during a case of grand larceny. 

Keoni has been wondering where could that Shākyamuni  statue has been...