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MORE THAN STRATEGIC ADS.   Attracting business through ads, commercials, and discount programs are key elements in the equation for shaping a successful promotional campaign. But once a client arrives at your door, it is vital to a establish a strong relationship with them. One way to do this is by providing a positive and memorable experience for each person who visits your office, storefront, and/or website.  For more ideas on enhancing promotion, you may wish to drop in on my blog, The following list can help you review the effectiveness of your daily operation, as well as your strategic planning for success in branding and promotion. 

The Who, What, When, Where of Promotion...


  • Consistently use your logo and slogan to reinforce branding identity.  Limit yourself to one of each, although elements of a complex logo can be utilized separately.

  • Utilize corporate colors, allowing for differences in print and Internet identification coding.

  • Employ your corporate font where appropriate, coordinating with others to achieve easily read text in both hardcopy and on-line formats. 


Schedule advertising and other promotional activity yearly. When you map out your promotion for an entire year, you often save money on your endeavors and you're more likely to design a program that is both harmonious and effective!

  • Analyze past advertising programs to determine successful content and design elements.

  • Seek optimal times and venues to yield measurable results from your advertising investments.

  • Choose promotional programs to attract new clients while offering reward incentives for established clientele.

  • Add a new promo element yearly that will enhance your community and/or non-profit interaction.

  • Do allow for unexpected promotional opportunities in your annual budget. 


  • Consistently use the same version of your logo for all signage, communication, and promotion.


  • Harmonize tones and shades of colors throughout all types of signage and promotional materials.

  • Encourage all staff, volunteers, and supporters to employ the same language when describing your organization, your daily operation, and special events.  


Groom your virtual as well as brick-and-mortar facilities to optimize synchronicity!  Innovation is lovely, most of the time.  But remember that facilities reflecting the highest standards in your industry will reinforce a client's positive response to your advertising and promotional events. 

  • All forms of signage and labeling should mirror your other branding elements and should be well maintained.
  • Ensure that on-site and telephone conversations, as well as any outgoing voice mail messages, are welcoming, positive, and helpful.
  • Establish professional standards for appearance--even if casual is your style--and the behavior of staff and/or volunteers to reflect and reinforce your ​desired image.  


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