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At this time, the majority of my public activity is related to my work as an author, especially the Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries...

Tablescape at a book event when I had only Prospect for Murder to offer Tucson mystery readers.


Many thanks to those of you who were able to drop in for a chat! The annual event offers books, entertainment, food and much more. Let me know if you would like to be notified of other events I'll be attending...  


I was thrilled that Artemesia Publishing was able to send me advance copies of Murders of Conveyance in time for the Festival.   


The Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mystery Series is published by Artemesia Publishing.  Each of the books can be ordered easily  through Amazon, Baker and Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Follett, Mackin, Midpoint, Rakuten Overdrive, Title Wave, and other distributors.  Also, don't forget your local independent bookstores which always need your support!  Further information, samples and purchase options are available at AuthorsDen and GoodReads.   


September 2018

After an absence of twenty years, I visited my hometown of Portland, Oregon. It was amazing to explore the many things that had changed...and those that remained the same! The City of Roses is noted for Douglas fir trees and I can report that those planted in my youth are now huge! 

I dropped in at the fiftieth reunion of my 1968 graduating class of Woodrow Wilson High School. As may be expected, I did not recognize anyone, but was delighted to share stories and chocolate covered macadamia nut candy at the gathering. The following week, I had the opportunity to share an overview of my work as an author and give an assignment to a couple of classes of creative writing students at Wilson High. Sadly the door to the stage I had loved so much was locked, but I was delighted to see that a small performance stage had been erected in the drama room.

Most gratifying was the long overdue meeting with my friend and Editor Viki Gillespie! She has smoothed out so many aspects of Natalie's adventures in murder and mayhem and it was wonderful to have her join me in addressing a joint meeting of American Association of University Women mystery clubs in the area. 

Viki Gillespie, friend & editor, joins me in addressing American Association of University Women.

Viki Gillespie, friend & editor, joins me in addressing American Association of University Women.



Set in the lush environs of Hawai`i, the Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries offer puzzling deaths, snippets of pan-Pacific history, and aspects of multicultural Island life. Prescient visions drive the crime solving of Natalie and her companions: Her twin Nathan, a psychologist; Miss Una, Natalie’s silent but fleet-footed tortoise shell feline companion; private investigator Keoni Hewitt, and his former partner Lieutenant John Dias of the Honolulu Police Department.  While readers do not have to read the stories in sequence, I offer a layering of unresolved details and sub-themes and mini-mysteries that are unveiled through the series.  

Drop in at my author website to learn more about this series and other projects...including Island Recipes ​and the stories of the people who have provided them!  


If you're a writer, artist, or other creative person, don't forget to 

make your tablescape something visitors will remember! 

Aloha, Jeanne